How to get to San Sebastian del Oeste and Where to stay…


 To get to San Sebastian del Oeste there are a few options available; from renting a car and drive over there (to where is not difficult to get to), hiring a private chauffeur driving his/your own vehicle, to the experience of riding a bus.

 Whatever you choice may be here are some useful tips:

a)    Renting a car. In Puerto Vallarta there are several car rental agencies with a variety of car types to choose from. The easies way to find these agencies is the Internet; you can always call for information.


Whether driving yourself or hiring chauffeur to drive you we have prepared for you the route to follow on If you don’t count with a smartphone or similar device to guide to, google maps also gives you all the directions you have to follow on writing; you only need to print it.

 Click on the link to see the route:,-104.908791&spn=0.011296,0.024569

 Note: If you wish to hire a driver, email us and we can recommend someone to you.

b)   Riding a bus. Unfortunately there is not a direct bus to San Sebastian, but it’s not complicated to get there. The bus station is located in Colonia Versalles, on the corner of Havre St. and Lisboa St. only one block away from Francisco Medina Asencio (the main street of Puerto Vallarta).

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.42.52 AM

 Click on this link to see a map of where the Bus Station is located:,-105.229438&spn=0.001413,0.002071

Once at the Bus Station you need to ride the bus that goes to “Mascota” (which is another town near to San Sebastian). After around 50min/1 hour you will get to a small town called “La Estancia de Landeros”, this is where you get off. In La Estancia you will need to take a taxi to San Sebastian since there’s not bus routes to there, but right where you get off the bus you will see a taxi site. A taxi may charge you between $100-$150 Pesos, to take you directly to San Sebastian, and from San Sebastian back to La Estacia you can take another taxi for the same price.

The Bus Schedule from La Estancia to Puerto Vallarta is the following:

*9:00am, 10:00am, 11:30am, 3:00am, 4:30am, 7:00pm (Local Time).

If you need more information regarding the taxi service, we can provide you with the name and cellphone of a driver totally reliable on prices and trustworthy, who can pick you up at La Estancia, take you to San Sebastian and take you back to La Estancia. This taxi driver also can provide a personal round trip, picking you up in Vallarta to San Sebastian and way back; his fees for this service will need to be asked. To get his information please send us an email, and we’ll get back to you.

To check out Bus ride prices and schedule from Vallarta to La Estancia de Landeros click on the link below, then click on the tab that says Puerto Vallarta. Remember the one that you’re looking for is Puerto Vallarta – Mascota:

 And now, here we have a few options of where to stay in San Sebastian del Oeste:

Boutique Hotels:

Name: La Galerita

Phone #: (322) 297.3040


Name: Hacienda Matel

Phone #: (322) 297.3133


Name: Mansion Real

Phone #: (322) 297.3275


Inexpensive staying:

Name: El hostal de Cervantes

Phone #: (322) 297.3323

Name: Posada del Oeste

Phone# (322) 297.2871

Name: El Pavellon

Phone #: (322) 297.0200

Name: El Puente

Phone #: (322) 297.2834

Name: Casa Alicia

Phone #: (322) 142.6881/(322) 297.2856

If you visit San Sebastian and you get to love this beautiful country town (which I’m sure you will) and then you start thinking of how your lifestyle would be if you live there and the idea of purchasing a Real Estate property comes to your mind, we can give you all the additional information you want regarding the Real Estate market in this lovely paradise. Hit us with an email and we will help you answering all your questions:

Jay Burchell / Cell: 322.105.0230

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Or call our office numbers: Office Tel: 322.223.5300 – US/CAN Toll Free: 877.204.7730