Google Voice

Real estate investors (and entrepreneurs in general) are bombarded on a daily basis with the “latest and greatest” new tools, toys, programs, and _____ (you fill in the blanks.) There is always something that gets our attention.

It is really hard to stay focused on our core business at times because of all the “shiny objects” that come our way. The very traits that make us good entrepreneurs and real estate investors can also be the very same things that cause us problems. We are thinkers, creators and builders at heart. It is this same curiosity that gets us into trouble.

But there are also some pretty cool tools out there and I wanted to talk about two of them today; Google Voice and Google+ hangouts. Some folks may already be using these free tools, but I find that many more folks aren’t for one reason or another.

Shiny Objects; How Do You Determine Quickly Which Ones Are Valuable?

Here is the way I decide. If a tool can add value to my business (especially if it’s FREE), then it gets at least a quick look and a test run. I am a firm believer of using free tools that big companies have spent a lot of their money developing.

Google Voice

Google Voice ( is a free tool that everyone should take advantage of. Most of us have a main phone number that we use for our businesses, but there are also times when it is nice to have another published phone number in addition to our main business phone number as a way to filter our calls.

Like most of the services Google provides, all you need to use it is to set up an account. What I like about Google Voice is that it helps you manage your calls, and it even …read more