New research commissioned by a property agent, and published in the  features the requirements a perfect home should have. Of course, it’s a fairytale picture, but how much of this ideal home fits with your property? And do you think there’s anything missing from the list? Tell us about your perfect abode in the comments below:

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The perfect property is two miles from a supermarket, ten miles from the coast and within walking distance of a pub where the landlord knows your name, research revealed today.

It would also have good neighbours on both sides, be close to the countryside and a newsagent and contain at least two televisions.

On top of that it will have off-road parking, a spare room and an en-suite bathroom as well as well as a nicely maintained lawn and fast internet access.

Coastal retreat: Proximity to the coast is paramount for the perfect home, according to the survey, and it’s clear to see why from this view of Southwold pier in Suffolk

Pub proximity: A good pub within walking distance is high on the priority list for the perfect home

An open fire, comfortable sofa and ‘privacy’ were also deemed important, the study by Banner Homes.

Yesterday Spokesman Piers Banfield said: ‘Community spirit and a close bond between neighbours is arguably a little harder to come by these days, but the study proves it’s something we still view as integral to being happy with where we live.

‘The research has also highlighted that even the small things like the local landlord knowing your name or having good neighbours close by that we can trust is a really important part of creating that community feel and being settled in an area.

Local shop: Access to a good local shop/newsagent also rates highly on house-hunters’ agenda

Indoors, people want to have a roaring open fire in the winter, outside, in an ideal world, they have friendly chatty neighbours

‘As a nation when it comes to home comforts, we like nothing more than a place we can unwind and recuperate at the end of the day and it’s no surprise that we value a good sofa so highly.

‘While physical comforts like a large bed are obviously key to home happiness, the results show having good neighbours close by strongly influences how content we are.’

The research also found feeling part of the local community and having the countryside no more than five miles away were important.

Convenience: Having a supermarket nearby plus an en-suite bedroom are also top preferences for a perfect home

While ‘privacy’ was also hailed as a factor, the average Brit felt the nearest neighbours should be just a few yards away.

Others said being on first name terms with their local pub landlord helped them feel content where they lived.

The report, which also asked those who took part to name interior and exterior factors which played a part in their happiness, was carried out among 2,000 homeowners.

It also emerged one in three Brits are convinced that having pets is crucial to a happy home life, with two the ideal number – and dogs preferred to cats.

Another key to a happy home is also at least two televisions, with the ideal screen size given as 37 inches.


1.  Pub landlord knows my name
2. Two pets
3. Two televisions
4. Good walks nearby
5. Five miles from countryside
6. One mile from newsagents
7. Two miles from pub
8. Two miles from supermarket
9. Ten miles from the coast
10. Comfortable sofa
11. Good neighbours
12. Front and back gardens
13. Large bed
14. Off-road parking
15. Fast internet
16. Spare room
17. Bookshelf
18. Nice dinner table
19. Cable TV
20. Fire place
21. Large fridge
22. Garden shed
23. Dishwasher
24. Trees in garden
25. Well-maintained lawn
26. En-suite bathroom
27. Barbecue
28. Patio
29. Fitted wardrobes

Seven out of ten of those polled thought a television in the living room was absolutely necessary to harmony.

To be perfectly happy with their home the average adult likes a corner shop less within a mile of them and a supermarket no further than two miles away.

Safety and privacy are of course key priorities, while the ability to go for scenic walks is important to six in ten Brits and being on good terms with several neighbours also deemed a big bonus.

Unfortunately, six in ten don’t feel they are a part of their local community- and for these people the biggest barrier was not knowing many people near them, while half were convinced there was no community spirit in their local area.

In fact, the average adult attends just two events in the local community each year.

While more than a tenth of respondents said they didn’t feel able to trust a single one of their neighbours.

Piers Banfield added: ‘People are very realistic when it comes to the small things that make them happy at home and the formula for achieving this is hopefully quite attainable for most.

‘Features like a nice dinner table were ranked highly, proving that the ability to sit down together in our homes as a family is something that’s still very valued among increasingly hectic lifestyles.’


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