Timothy Real Estate Group filmed their first episode for the wildly popular and highly addictive HGTV real estate show House Hunters International back in 2012. Fast-forward to 2014, the real estate powerhouse filmed three more episodes, hosted the charity event of 2012 at Daiquiri Dick’s, founded the Vallarta Real Estate Fair, launched a dynamic mobile friendly website and is working on their second House Hunters International screening and fundraiser event.

We sat down with Taniel Chemsian, the real estate agent in all four episodes, for a one-on-one Q & A:

What has been the most rewarding experience with filming House Hunters International?

Having the opportunity to promote Puerto Vallarta and showcasing all the wonderful places, people and family businesses throughout the city.

What was the biggest surprise while filming?

That it’s a lot of work. Putting a solid episode together is not as easy as it looks. It takes preparation, teamwork and commitment from all those involved.

What have been some of the challenges with filming in Puerto Vallarta?


One of the biggest challenges is the unpredictable weather during the summer months. The rain clouds tend to come in during the afternoon and we sometimes catch ourselves racing against time (and the thunderstorms) in getting a scene wrapped up before the downpour. Nobody wants to have their mascara running down their face on camera…unless you are Tammy Faye Baker.

Have you been contacted by many people that have seen the show?

The show has definitely made an impact on our presence in the market place. It has allowed Timothy Real Estate Group to reach a wider audience that otherwise would of cost millions of dollars and years to accomplish. We are grateful and appreciative of the wonderful opportunity we’ve been given.

How did you become involved with House Hunters International?

At first, they thought I was the lost Kardashian, but when I showed them my bank statement, they realized they made a mistake. Actually, the producers contacted us and I auditioned for the show…and the rest is history.

Do you have any more episodes planned in the near future for the show?

We just filmed our fourth episode this March and are scheduled to film our fifth later this summer.

What has been the biggest surprise in filming for the buyers?

All the buyers have been fantastic from the get go. They get to see what it’s really like putting a TV show together. By the end of the first day, they realize “this is a lot of work”, but the production company makes it fun and is very accommodating.

Have the buyers enjoyed the process?

I think so. The show is really about the buyers. We take into consideration why they love Puerto Vallarta, where they like to hang out, what activities they enjoy doing and why PV holds a special place in their hearts. They’re the real stars; we’re just their pretty accessories. 😉

When is your next House Hunters charity event?

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Our second House Hunters International screening and charity fundraiser event will take place on Monday, November 24th, at the Mantamar Beach Club on Los Muertos Beach. The theme is going to be “Gilligan’s Island”.

How can people find out more about the event and get tickets?

We started a Facebook event page (click HERE) for the event. People can also contact me direct at taniel@timothyrealestategroup.com. We are hoping to surpass our first event in raising much-needed funds for our local charities.