Timothy Real Estate Group Puerto Vallarta

Timothy Real Estate Group Puerto Vallarta

After we wrapped the recent filming of House Hunters International here in Puerto Vallarta, I sat back and reflected on how far Timothy Real Estate Group has come in such a short time and in such a changing market.   I can only say that after reviewing our accomplishments and path we have travelled over this last year, I feel grateful and proud, of all that we have accomplished in such a short time.  I also realized that success is not an accident and is born from hard work (I know firsthand now).  Starting a business is hard under the best of circumstances and I wanted to share our story in a few chapters with the hopes that it might inspire others who are starting out or thinking about it.

Life sometimes sends you some incredible opportunities and I was looking for just that when I was asked to move to Puerto Vallarta as a partner with one of the larger property management companies in town.  They were looking for someone to help them with their Real Estate needs.  At the time I was doing very well with Prudential California Realty John Aaroe in Beverly Hills but I wasn’t enjoying going to work in the morning.

I needed a change and even though Mexico seemed drastic, it did seem like the right moment for just that, a change.  I moved to Puerto Vallarta in 1999, found a wonderful marina townhouse where I lived while I got started here and immediately dove into the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate scene with both feet.

Among the things I was involved in during that time:  I helped get the Riviera Nayarita board of Realtors up and running, I got the property management company’s revenue up by 400%  while meeting new people and networking constantly.  I continued for almost 10 years immersed in this market and the business of Real Estate.

In 2009 I decided that it was time for me to start my own project and put my own personal brand on what I was doing.  Starting my own company in the middle the 2009 worldwide economic crisis, and doing it in Mexico may have been a crazy, but … I jumped in with both feet with no idea what was coming next…

Timothy Real Estate Group – An innovative company setting new standards in property sales and services has combined the most thoroughly professional and experienced talents to keep clients informed about the intricacies of Mexican Real Estate ownership, local Real Estate markets, local codes and regulations, financing, rentals and perhaps most importantly, sound analysis for every aspect of real property ownership. With combined real property services experience of more than 35 year’s worth of Real Estate sales, accounting, management, and property services, Timothy Real Estate Group is unequaled in its professionalism and experience with foreign investors.

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