I was in Dallas earlier this week attending an REO conference. I like to attend a couple of REO conferences a year to help to get new business and to keep in touch with all my REO contacts. It was a little hectic this week, because I decided to attend the conference on September 3rd and the conference started September 8th! I bought my plane ticket, my conference registration and booked my hotel. I left Sunday morning and got back Tuesday evening and it was an amazing trip.

Lesson’s Learned…

At the conference I was able to learn many things about the current Real Estate market. I heard Barney Frank speak, as well as many other very prominent and successful people. One reason I love to go to these conferences is I get to meet with many very successful REO agents. Not only do I learn what they are doing, but being around successful people is great for becoming successful yourself. I was also able to meet with my HUD asset managers in person, which is always nice. I belong to a group called US REO Partners, they are a nationwide organization for REO brokers. USREOP had a charity dinner and a silent auction the first night to benefit the Jimmy V foundation. I had the chance to bid on lunch with the owner of a very well known asset management company. (I will call him John, because I don’t want to intrude on his privacy.) For $300 I was able to have lunch with this very successful business man and very influential person in the industry.

Successful People

Most REO agents would have had lunch with John in order to get business from his company. I know how important …read more