Last week I wrote an article about the law of attraction and positive thinking. I believe that the law of attraction has changed my life an incredible amount in a very short period of time. The law of attraction doesn’t magically make every thing in your life better, but it helps open up your mind to new opportunities. Most people are not aware of all the possibilities out there for work, wealth, excitement and happiness. Not only do I try to be as positive as possibly in every aspect of my life, I also take a lot of action and I am always looking for opportunities.


One of the life changing choices the law of attraction brought me was personal coaching. I paid about $6,000 for 16 weeks of one on one coaching and another 12 weeks of support through a coaching resource line. I have finished my initial one on one coaching and I am currently in the second phase of coaching utilizing the coaching resource hotline. I signed up with Jack Canfield coaching and I chose to pay that amount of money for a couple of reasons.

1. I knew if I paid that much for coaching, I would take it serious. I would not want to waste my money and I would try very hard to make the program work.

2. Jack Canfield was one of my favorite figures that I listen to and read. He is an extremely famous author, having written Chicken Soup for the Soul, and I know he has been very successful and lives what he teaches.

3. The program has very good reviews, claiming a 98% success rate …read more