Mobile Home Investing

Today’s lesson is designed to help you, the investor, get more comfortable interviewing sellers and understanding their mobile homes for sale. This exercise is aimed to help prepare you to:

  • know when a seller is full of B.S.
  • look for warning signs in any mobile home.
  • get comfortable being in control while interviewing sellers and properties.

There is an old real estate saying that says “Sellers are liars”. Personally I do not believe this statement. Likewise you could make the same argument about Buyers.

The list below represents only a fraction of the scenarios that may happen to you when you are personally speaking with a seller or over the phone with a seller. Keep in mind your goal is to always have clarity in what home you are buying. If you discover more repairs needed than what was originally disclosed the deal is not necessarily over however the price and terms will now be renegotiated in your favor. Does this make sense?

Disclaimer: The below role-playing exercise is based solely from of my personal experience and the experience of the clients I help.

KEY TO REVEAL ANSWERS: To reveal the answers below highlight the areas of the screen after the bold questions.

Friendly Place Road, Anywhere, USA

Scene: You are walking inside and around a nice looking single-wide mobile home with your friendly seller. This manufactured home was built in 1989 and has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The seller is needing to sell in the next 45 days due to a job transfer out of state. The sellers are happy to be starting a new life in another state and you are happy for them both.

The home is a smaller 12ft x 55ft mobile home with a split floor-plan, 2 bedrooms up front and the master bedroom in the back. The home backs up to a …read more