By Martin Orefice


Every Real Estate investment seminar I’ve attended and every business book I’ve read has talked about the importance of business systems. The ideas were groundbreaking, yet I couldn’t find anyone who had created and/or implemented systems in their investment business.

When I started investing, I wore every hat. I found myself taking on daily duties inclusive of:

  • Marketing for buyers
  • Marketing for sellers
  • Marketing for tenants
  • Prescreening buyers, sellers, and tenants
  • Running CMA’s
  • Making offers
  • Coordinating closings
  • Coordinating funding
  • Managing contractors
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing tenants
  • Coordinating evictions
  • Doing repairs

The list is endless. I consider myself a very capable individual, and fortunately I was able to hold things together for a while. Eventually I reached the …read more

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