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As many of you know, I enjoy telling my story.

Not for the purpose of making myself seem big or giving myself a great pat on the back, but for the purpose of assisting others to reach out for their dreams. On some occasions I also attempt to solicit for inventory (properties we buy to rehab) and offer bird dog fees. This is where it can get interesting.

At times I have experienced varying extremes of feedback from my offer of a simple $500 reward.

2 Typical Scenarios That Follow

1. Someone now thinks I have just “hired” them to “work” for our company and starts sending us crazy emails and relentlessly stalking and calling about the opportunity.

2. I am threatened to be shot. Yes, with a gun.

Now the story for #2!

The Tale of the Gun Threat at a Real Estate Club Meeting

In my area, just as in many others, we have a real estate club that has a standing meeting open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun. It’s a breakfast meeting held at a local pancake house just down the street from our office at 8:30 am on Fridays.

When we started our operation knowing the importance of local support, we decided to reach out to the association. I started attending meetings and got a positive response. After introductions, I spoke a little about our business model and offered to pay a reward for any properties offered to our group. Seemed to go over well. My team and I had some breakfast and went on our way.

The next meeting came around, and our company grew. I now had another partner accompany us to the breakfast and was pretty excited. We were doing well and making sales! I was looking forward to sharing our story further and introducing our new colleague to the group.

We walked into the back room to a full house and took some seats on the end of the U-shaped table right across from some other investors. The gentleman right across from me immediately greeted us and began to engage in conversation. He started off by asking some questions that I was confused by at first and quickly realized that I was not being welcomed to the table. He was slightly mumbling, and the noise of the room made much of what he started to say unintelligible, so I asked him to repeat what he said.

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Even more to my surprise was what came out next.

He began by accusing me of coming to the last meeting to take food off of his plate by offering a measly $500 fee to find property. He asked me why he would ever go out of his way to find a great deal for me and not buy it for himself. I tried to explain that I was not trying to take food from his plate, but trying to help others with some cash if they were unable to take on the entire deal themselves. We have a larger capacity to purchase than an individual investor, so I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary!

What happened next really floored me! As he sat there berating me and my company, he started talking about his service in the military and his time in Korea. Now, this was all happening really fast at this point, and I was doing everything I could to hold in my temper to not make it worse. I respect my elders, and I am grateful for those who served in the military, but then he said this: “You know, if I were still in Korea I’d pull out the gun I’m carrying right now and shoot you.”

Immediately, I stood up, reached out my hand with my heart nearly pumping out of my chest and wished him luck with his endeavors, shook his hand, and we all walked out.

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I didn’t even get to order coffee, it all happened so fast, so we went to Starbucks to attempt to wrap or minds around what had just happened. I mean, he threatened to shoot me! He told me he had a gun! All because I offered $500 to the entire group to find some property?! I spent the next hour completely freaking out wondering if he was going to follow me to my car or any number of random places. I decided to go to the police and filed a report about the group and the incident just in case.

This is also the story of the last time I attended a local real estate club meeting. I still don’t know who the guy was, and I’m not about to go back to find out.

The $500 reward still stands; no one has yet to cash in.

What’s the craziest real estate-related story you have? Have you ever been threatened with violence during your real estate endeavors?

We want to hear your best stories below!

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