Google Plus

If there was an awesomely powerful creation that dominated the lower minions, Google would be the Megatron of the internet.

If you’re fairly new to social media, Google plus might sound like one of those newer trends that you don’t really think you need to add to your plate. However, when you make a Google plus page, you’re really creating broad opportunities throughout Googles reach. This in turn is going to help rank you higher in Googles search engine. Not to mention, people will be able to map your business’ location with directions just by looking up your company’s name. These are huge benefit for any business owner, especially if you are budding or growing real estate professional.

Creating a Google Plus Page

To begin, you’ll need to have a personal profile in Google. Just by having a gmail address, you can create a G+ profile.

From your personal profile, click on “pages” in the left hand menu, to start.

Next, you’ll need to decide what category you want to use to showcase your business. If you don’t have people come to your office, you may not want to list an address. If you do have a retail place of business, you’ll probably choose “local business or store.” You can assist Google by entering the phone number of your business, confirm it’s correct, and have the location confirmed on the map as well. You’ll also want to enter in the link to your website and agree on the terms and conditions if you care to. After that, you will have a Google Plus page!

Very much like the last post, How to Create a Facebook Page for your Real Estate business, you’ll now want to fill in the information on your G+ page. ..