Social Media

Developing an online social media presence is not on the top of most real estate investor’s to do list. It comes way down the list after “meet with the contractor, buy some cabinets and get a tenant in the rental property”. But let me tell you why you should do it now, and just how you can manage this process (pretty painlessly.)

Getting Known As “Number One” In Your Business

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Just about everything in business is all about perception. Building a strong online presence which includes social media is a big part of that perception. So let’s dive in and go over some of the components of building your online persona.

Decide What Your Desired Outcome Is

Much like deciding on your exit strategy, it’s really important that you decide early on what your “why” is; what is your desired outcome for your social media presence. Are you…

  • Strictly trying to build your core real estate business of buying and selling houses which includes an online presence? Social media is great for that.
  • Trying to build a “tribe” as Seth Goodin would say or a community? Your tribe will eventually become a group of folks that are there to help you promote and grow your business. The best case scenario; create a group of “Raving Fans” as the book by Ken Blanchard talks about.
  • Are you looking for other influencers to become part of your tribe? You can easily identify these folks and interact with them on their social medial pages.
  • Building a personal or business brand that will allow you to branch out into other areas? This is really powerful. One day you will be tired of trading your time for dollars. Look down the road 5 years and figure out how what you do today to …read more