This week I was able to get a potential fix and flip under contract off of the MLS.

I always get excited whenever I see a great deal come up on the MLS and I get even more excited when we get it under contract.

I feel I have a huge advantage over other investors when I see great deals come up on the MLS because I am a Realtor, which I discuss here. If you are a Realtor or even if you are just an investor there is a program out there that will help you get more deals and save you time. Many of you may already be using this program, but if you are not or your agent is not, you need to start. I’ll explain what that one program is in a moment, but first a story of why it matters…

The House

This property that we got under contract was listed on the MLS in the afternoon on a Monday afternoon. I am not sure exactly what time the property was listed, but I check the MLS at least every hour. As soon as I saw the town this home was located in and the list price I knew I needed to see the home asap. It was vacant, so I had my assistant set up the showing and I got in my car to drive 30 miles to the property. The home is an estate sale and they priced it extremely well as they must want it sold quick. I rarely if ever see homes listed in this town for under $100,000 and this home was $75,000. The home was older and only 660 square …read more