Hire a Painter

So if you’ll notice, I didn’t title this blog “How to Hire a Good Painter”. It’s easy to hire a painter, it takes a bit more diligence to find a solid one. It will be this attention to detail and questioning, though, that will land you with an excellent tradesman, or a hobbyist hack. This post is going to teach you how to hire a painter – a great one.

If you’re wholesaling, you’re typically spared the agony of vetting contractors, supervising work, and dealing with performance. If you’re rehabbing, renting, or selling properties, though, painting it typically always included on the list of “must do’s” to prime your investment.

So why is it difficult to acquire a honest, skilled and fairly-priced painter? The answer is, it shouldn’t be, but I’m sure we all have nightmare stories of When Painting Goes Wrong.

1) Where to Find Leads for Good Painters

The mirror should not be your top answer. Listen, these bony arms have seen their fair share of frog tape, cutting in, and rolling until I feel like I can roll no more. Who am I to not dig into some labor work from time to time to save money, after all? I’m a business owner, that’s who. And as adequate as I feel my painting might be, I can bet you my work is elementary compared to a proficient veteran. Let alone the hours, frustration, and disdain I feel after having to re-paint a room because the previous owners decided that 3 different shades of the same color that look the same in different lighting was a good idea (WHO does that?!)

A good source is your local supply stores. As in, the actual paint …read more