Improve the Economy

When I write my articles I try to keep as positive as possible. I hope some of my other articles like How Life Coaching has Helped Improve My Business and Life and Improving Business and Life by Changing Your Attitude: A Personal Case Study of 2013 have shown you that I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking to improve one’s business and personal life. Since I like to write positively – I stay as far away from political pieces as I can since many people have a negative attitude towards politics or one party. However, Ben Leybovich recently wrote an article on the minimum wage and I was sucked into commenting on his article and Ben urged me to write an article in regards to my comments and views.

Ben’s article argued that the minimum wage needs to be raised in order for lower income families to make enough to afford the basic necessities of life. I hold a completely different view – that we should have a free market and the government should not force business to pay their employees a higher minimum wage. I think a higher minimum wage will cause business to hire less people, charge more for products, cut back on services, and ultimately hurt the economy. This article is not about the minimum wage, but other national policies that I think will improve the economy and reduce the deficit.

When I write this article, I am not writing as a Democrat or Republican. I am writing about what …read more