This is very personal to me. In large part, the last three years have been spent addressing the problem we all see with Boomers, which is their horrible track record when retiring. That is, those who can retire. Many have no choice but to work ’til they can’t. A huge majority say they’ll work after retirement due solely to financial need.

This gripes me no end.

While retiring at the rate of 10,000 every 24 hours, the vast majority simply don’t or won’t have the income they envisioned decades ago, regardless of the hard work and discipline they so consistently demonstrated. For me, this is heartbreaking on more than one level. What makes it worse is how completely unnecessary it is.

Imagine you’re retired with Social Security of $1,500 monthly, a free ‘n clear home, and $100-500,000 in savings/or your 401k/IRA. If the lion’s share is in your retirement plan, the typical return is gonna be less than 5% annually, usually around 4% give or take. Let’s say half a million bucks is your reality. If retirement is around the corner, how does $20,000 a year before taxes make ya feel? Are ya gettin’ all warm ‘n fuzzy? No? You ain’t the Lone Ranger. Retirement is beginning to look a lot more like a life sentence for many in this exact position.

But, What If . . .

. . . you were able to safely acquire discounted notes yielding 12-15% cash on cash?

Higher if they should pay off early. Imagine if every $100,000 you had at retirement was earning say, 13% a year. In the above scenario that would generate an income of around $65,000 a year. That’s what we in the business call ‘Having an empirically measurable impact’. Let’s stop and review the difference in the life of this Boomer that this …read more