Need Property Management Software

Last week Kevin Perk wrote a blog titled Property Management Software – Is It Right For You?. In the article Kevin describes his thought on property management software as being ”one of the best things we have ever done to help our business”. If you want to understand a little more about why Kevin made this bold statement, check out his post and BP Podcast 036: How to Be an Awesome and Profitable Landlord with Kevin Perk.

Given that my background is in software development and lean six sigma, I have always understood the benefit of using software and automating one’s business, but for some reason I could never find the right software and combination to make it make work for me. Kevin is an experienced landlord, has a ton of fantastic information to share and I really enjoy his posts. So after listening to his podcast, I gave it a second shot to try and use property management software.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Given the struggle that I had in the past with finding property management software that worked for me, I figured I would start with the software that Kevin was using (Appfolio). I went to the website, checked out some of the free information and fell in love. ”No wonder Kevin loves this software, it is amazing!” I thought to myself. I quickly registered to find out more information.

Over the next few weeks I spoke to representatives of the company to understand my business and their software. I loved the software! I was well designed and contained a ton of great …read more