What better way to celebrate a holiday weekend (and the start of football season!) than to sit back, relax about investing, and gain a little motivation? Whether you are a brand new investor and struggling over the hurdles of getting started, or you are a more advanced investor and just hitting the usual obstacles, it always helps to take a deep breath, exhale, and calm down.

The perfect analogy is lifting weights at the gym. Almost every time I lift weights at the gym I start struggling more and more to get in another rep, when all of a sudden I realize I’m not even breathing. Once I realize this, I take a deep inhale as I lift another one and exhale as I recover. All of a sudden, the reps are 10x easier and I can keep going! It’s amazing what just breathing alone can allow you to do. Just breathing can easily let me get 20 reps of something in while not breathing would likely cap me at 10.

Since it is a holiday weekend and I would rather you be out drinking a margarita and relaxing than reading BiggerPockets (sorry, BiggerPockets), I am keeping this post short. It doesn’t need to be long anyway because all I want to do is give you little words of wisdom that can have a powerful impact on your investing career. No matter who you are or what kind of investing you are doing, following these simple tips will change for your life.

Tips for Survival

  • Celebrate each win. No matter how small. They all count, and even small wins combined equal a big win! Don’t discount anything you do successfully. Even treat yourself to dinner and congratulate yourself. I’m not kidding.
  • Learn something from every loss. Losses will happen. Simply evaluate what went wrong, …read more