Extra Cash

I’m going to be completely honest here on BiggerPockets and I’m asking you to do the same.

More often than not, my really good friends make comments like:

“Jimmy, you are the most unsuspecting guy I know…”

“Jimmy, you’re fun to hang-out with, but you’re a little weird…” etc….

Occasionally, I’ll just do something really weird just to shake life-up. Get out of the routine. For a week now, I’ve been thinking about an October challenge. My October challenge is two-fold:

  1. Get some extra cash in my pocket
  2. Get in-shape

This is what I have to do:

My Two October Goals


  • Workout AND
  • Make Extra Money

For working out, this can be as little as working out for 1 minute. I’ll probably just be doing push-ups, running, cycling, kettle-bell swings, etc – but I’m not going to document the working out, mostly because that’s boring.

I will, however, be documenting the extra money goal, and the daily minimum is 1 cent. I already have a spreadsheet ready!

Do you struggle with sticking with goals? Jerry Seinfield has a great tip: Have a big calendar and make a BIG RED X everyday you accomplish this goal. The longer you go, the more incentive you have to accomplish this goal.

Ideas for Making Extra Cash

I need BiggerPockets’ readers to help though in two ways:

1) I want some ideas to make extra cash!

I have already written a blog post about some odd ways to make extra cash, and have some listed below. Could you help me and give me some extra things I can do for some extra cash in the comments?

2) I want you to join the challenge! Christmas is just around the corner and even if you don’t have family there are some great causes to give to. Let …read more