At the end of a hard day there are few things I enjoy more than taking a long, hot bath — add a glass of wine and a good book and I’m all set. I love colorful, eclectic design but the bathroom is the one room where I would rather show restraint. I prefer a clean soothing environment that encourages relaxation instead. Here are a few of my favourite designs for creating a spa inspired bathroom.

pa inspired bathrooms 1

Spa inspired bathrooms 2

Choose a palette of soothing earth tones. When you think of a spa inspired bath, often what comes to mind is white on white. Nature’s inspired tones have a similar calming effect but are easier to keep looking clean and help you steer clear of an environment that feels too sterile. Blues, greens and sandy tones are usually a good bet.

Spa inspired bathrooms 3

Spa inspired bathrooms 4

Buy quality when it comes to your towels, bathmat and robe. Good quality sheets are often touted as life changing. Likewise, soft fluffy towels and robes and are a worthwhile investment and lend an air of luxury to the bathroom.

Spa inspired bathrooms 5

Spa inspired bathrooms 6

Make small upgrades where you can. A rain showerhead is affordable and simple to install, and adding vanity lighting or replacing a too small mirror are small changes that can make a big difference.

Spa inspired bathrooms 7

Spa inspired bathrooms 8

Add niceties. Bring in scented candles, add flowers or a bundle of eucalyptus, and leave some reading material. Small touches are what make the space feel inviting and encourage you to relax for a while.

Spa inspired bathrooms 9

Spa inspired bathrooms 10

Get rid of labels. Another way to reduce visual noise is to transfer products you leave out into clear jars and bottles. The added bonus of this is that you can save money by buying in bulk and refilling them as needed.

Spa inspired bathrooms 11

Spa inspired bathrooms 12

Keep it simple and uncluttered. While the ever-present tangle of curling iron and blow dryer cords underneath your sink may not even register anymore, tuck them away if you can. By reducing visual noise you instantly create an environment that looks and feels cleaner.

Spa inspired bathrooms 13

Source: Architectural Digest, Jane Hoffman.


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