Tips for your PV Condo

Tips for your PV Condo

Our staff receives about 5 inquiries a week for information regarding new projects in and around the Puerto Vallarta area.  We are fortunate in that a good percentage of these calls become clients!   And usually our clients become friends and a great source of referrals.   Our other source of referrals are the wonderful Real Estate Professionals in the area, such as Taniel Chemsian.   We work very closely with the top agents and brokers in Puerto Vallarta to create a synergetic relationship that enables home buyers to have complete confidence in their purchase.

Such a referral was presented to us by Taniel from Timothy Real Estate Group.   Via conference calls and emails, we entered into a wonderful discussion on how Derrick and Zapher needed to decorate their new home.   Many considerations were examined to provide them with a home that was uniquely their own and yet offer them the ease of maintenance and lifestyle they requested.

Each step of the way, the client’s needs are taken into consideration.  Colors, room use, entertaining requirements, fabric likes and dislikes, type of accessories and lighting options are all examined.   In Derrick and Zapher’s case, a clean sophisticated open space suitable for quiet evenings at home or entertaining large groups of visiting friends was needed.   All the textiles and finishes are designed to handle a large amount of wear and the pieces are scaled for maximum flexibility.

These guys know how to shop!!   They know what they like and what doesn’t work for them and make their choices confidently.   Our buying trips throughout the artisan centers of central Mexico enabled us to select the best options for each piece.   Beautifully carved onyx lamps, hand blown mercury glass vases, wonderful rich leather seating and a collection of diverse contemporary art really brought the space together and provided them with an environment all their own.   In Puerto Vallarta, we were further assisted by the wonderful guys at ELEMENTS OF DESIGN.   Their showroom of beautiful accessories and lighting really help us to finish the condo.

Every aspect of this process was so much fun and I know that Derrick and Zapher and our design team will have many more opportunities to further celebrate our enjoyment  and good fortune with margaritas on the beach.

Mike Hickman

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