Construction has begun at the hottest new condominium development in Puerto Vallarta, Signature by Pinnacle, perched atop the Olas Altas/Pulpito stairs, just two blocks from Playa Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta. Developer Pinnacle Global Enterprises, headed by Mr. Shawn Kajani, is the first developer in some time that’s taken considerable interest in the revitalization of the local neighborhood and it’s urban redevelopment.  Mr. Kajani, an advocate for preserving the natural tropical surroundings and it’s lush vegetation, is investing a considerable amount of time and resources in rebuilding Pulpito Street off of Highway 200 by replacing the aged river rocks and narrow sidewalks with vehicle and pedestrian friendly stones and a new sidewalk, with new plants and trees abounding.  Just off of Pulpito Street is a little staircase that goes down to Calle Rodolfo Gomez, which he will revitalize to include stairs for public use.  The developer is also tearing out the old and often dangerous stairs leading from Olas Altas street up to the project and rebuilding that entire section which will include a new funicular (aka “Pennicular”) that will be open to the public, new stairs on both sides, and a completely landscaped areas with exotic flowers, trees and plants.  In addition to the new street and stairs Mr. Kajani will be putting all the electrical wires and cables underground. These voluntary contributions by Mr. Kajani and his creative team will undoubtably add beauty and value to the neighborhood, city and home owners.


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