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In case you missed it, my birthday was this Thursday, October 2nd. While most people my age would be out shopping or celebrating with family and friends, I decided to go to the office and continue with my daily routine. (Check out this article to find out more about Engelo’s daily routine.)

The last full day off I had was on December 27th, 2013. Yes, more than 10 months ago.

Since then, the least amount of hours I worked on any give day, was 6. Regardless of the weather conditions, public holidays, minor colds, car troubles or any other excuse for me not to be able to make it in. I didn’t care, even if axes where falling from the sky, I would still somehow find a way to get to the office.

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Some people call me crazy, while others say I’m passionate. I like responding to their judgments with these quotes: “Nothing exceeds like excess” or “To succeed, you must do common things uncommonly well.”

My question to all of you is this: Would you be willing to sacrifice a few birthdays now for a better future for you and your loved ones and for bigger-than-ever birthday celebrations in the years to come?

You Would Work Too If This Happened to You

If you have read any of my previous blogs or listened to my featured Bigger Pockets podcast with Brandon and Josh, you will know that I need routine. I not only like structure but I really require it to keep me focused. Having a set time to start work each day and a set list of tasks each morning helps me manage my work load and grow the business.

In this way my birthday is no different.

No sleeping in. No laying off the coffee or skipping the office for a leisurely day. That’s just not me!

Of course I enjoy the well wishes and the Facebook messages, emails and phone calls. Who doesn’t? But can you believe that on this one day I had at least 10 important phone calls that could lead to the opening up of 5 new sales channels and an entirely new revenue stream for our business?

I worked my 12 hours, and potentially generated an additional $1 million in revenue for our company.

I still feel exhausted, and I know I could have stayed home, but when the purpose of what you’re doing is greater than yourself, you feel no fear, you feel no pain, you feel no hunger, just an extreme will power to succeed and withstand anything negative thrown your way.

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I did go out to celebrate with a great sushi dinner though!

It’s All About the Numbers

It really is about working the numbers in this business — on your birthday or any other day.

It’s by doing the little things right consistently, the things that add up, that enables the big things to just fall into place by themselves. Sometimes we don’t even know how it happens — until it just explodes.

It’s like watching popcorn in the microwave. You put the bag in upside down for 2 1/2 minutes and push start. It sits and spins around and sits some more until in the last 35 seconds, the entire bag erupts into delicious, fluffy awesomeness.

And if you leave it in just 10 seconds too long, it’s wrecked and burnt. Perfect timing. Just as in life I guess. We have to just keep going until something happens and know when to hold on for the ride.

Sometimes it even happens on your birthday!

Are you a “workaholic?” How do you balance work and life? Do you work on your birthday?

Take a minute out of your busy schedule and leave a comment below!

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