This is the 2nd installment in our epic investing journey. Read Quit Job…Check. Move Family out of State…Check. Become a Full-Time Rockstar Investor in 8 Months…? to read the first post.

The Big Move

I’ll spare you all the gory details since you didn’t come here to read a blow-by-blow of our move from California to Colorado, and I’m sure you have also experienced your fair share of nightmare moves. I could probably best summarize it by saying that I had an epiphany sometime after waiting for the moving company who was seven hours late and around the time they tried to con us into spending another $1500 and right about when I broke down sobbing in front of the 40 something mover who appeared to have stolen a 16-year-old’s clothing. I started praying for tonsillitis or appendicitis, or maybe something with my gallbladder (but nothing too painful) to send me to the hospital for a few days until it was all over. And in case you ever consider using a moving company that gives you AN AMAZING DEAL that you can’t pass up, run the other direction…

What’s much more exciting than the actual move is my husband’s permanent move from corporate aviation to our fulltime investing business.

The Big News

Let me catch you up on some REALLY exciting news since the last time I wrote. Within a day or two of my post going on BiggerPockets, we got an offer from a rockstar investor to coach us. Glenn Schworm (or maybe an angel sent from heaven who goes by that name, I’m not sure yet) will be helping us transition from wannabe to legitimate rehab …read more