What are the new Immigration Laws?  If you’ve been hearing a lot of different versions from a lot of different people, then it is time to find out what are the changes and how they can benefit you.  Come to the Real Estate Fair and there will be experts there to answer your questions about these new laws, who to see, where to go, how is it done, and how much will it cost?

Are you up to date with all current mortgage options in Mexico?  You may have been waiting to make your first home purchase in Mexico but wanting some financial help and to be able to afford more property and especially with all the great prices and deals that are available right now.  Come to the Real Estate Fair and talk with the mortgage experts that can answer all your questions and help you qualify for that loan you’ve been looking for.

Why should you get an inspection on the property you are about to purchase?  Come to the Real Estate Fair and find out.  You can have a chat with the inspectors that actually perform the inspections and know what they’re looking for and this will give you what you need to make an informed decision.

How do you rent the condo or villa you just purchased or that you have owned for a while, and how do you pay the taxes on the rental income, is this difficult?  Come to the Real Estate Fair and speak with rental and property management service providers to help you do it the right way and take the guessing out of it.  It is best to get it from the experts.

Are you wondering how much your home is worth and is it a good time for you to sell?  Come to the Real Estate Fair and speak with a professional.   They will do a market study for your home and answer your questions you have about selling process.  This may be your first property sale in Mexico and it’s good to know what is involved with the sale.

Puerto Vallarta’s first Real Estate Fair will be held at the Rivera Molino Plaza corner of Calle Aquiles Serdan and Calle Ignacio L. Vallarta in the Romantic Zone on Saturday March 2nd from 10:00 AM to 4:00PM with professionals from every field to help answer your questions about home ownership, maximizing on your real estate investment, and many other related topics that effect both national and foreign residents.  Come and see what exciting new products are available and how you can make the most of your experience here in Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta Real Estate Fair LOGO

The participants on hand to answer your questions will be;

Stewart Title Latin America – Title Insurance and Escrow

Lic. Jessica Reidesser – Real Estate Attorney

Irving Becerril – Immigration

Mexlend – Mortgage Broker

Casa Vallarta – Interior Design

Robert Price – Home Gardening

Bradport – Home Inspection

Elements – Interior Design

PVRPV- Property Management and Rentals

Pamela Thompson – Healthcare Resources

Marcelo Mico – Pilates and Health

Benjamin Ortegui – Insurance

Timothy Real Estate Group – Real Estate


By Donna Lynn Davies


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