Mobile Home Investor

Over the past few years I have been in the unique position to work directly with brand new and novice mobile home investors.

While the actionable tasks are relatively straight forward with regards to go here, say this, fill this out, and do that, there is a much less tangible but equally valuable mental aspect of investing in manufactured homes.

Let us cover one super-important understand before we go any further. In addition to your mobile home investing business being a “real estate” business, mobile home investing revolves around people. A “people business” is how I describe mobile home investing to many newer investors. If you do not care about people you will likely feel challenged in this business.

The obvious answer to anyone curious as to why mobile home investing is such a people business is likely due to the fact you are often dealing with sellers and home owners in fragile situations. We work with many sellers that are confused, frustrated, beaten down, jaded, etc. This emotional-vulnerability is not a license to steal, in fact just the opposite should be your model for a long-lasting business with success and a positive word-of-mouth advertising.

The list below contains just a few examples of the love and transparency you should take with your mobile home sellers and home owners.

Educating Others:

While speaking with sellers and buyers over the phone one of my top objectives it to always educate the person I am speaking with. Using my own experience and local market data I do the best job I can to educate the seller to not only their current options but also the real world likelihood of these particular options producing the seller’s desired outcome. In short if you allow people to understand that you are …read more