Cash Buyers

If you’re a wholesaler and you have been in this business for any length of time, you probably know that there are times when you need to look outside of your regular buyers list to sell a property.

Did you ever have a deal that for whatever reason you just can’t sell to your regular list of cash buyers? Maybe it’s not in a prime location, or it’s simply not where they like to buy. It could be that you got this property during the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas when (at least in my area) I can’t bust them out of their “holiday cheer” long enough to actually get in the car and go look at property. They just don’t want to work between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well call me crazy, but I am still working during that period of time.

The “Lincoln” House

Last year just about this same time, I had a house that none of my regular cash buyers wanted. Several of my regular buyers had already headed south and were kicked back on a sunny beach sipping drinks. Some said it just wasn’t in an area where they wanted to buy. A couple of other investors found a reason to tell me over the telephone that they weren’t interested. Heck, I couldn’t get any of them to even go look at it.

Now let me say that I have some of the best cash buyers on my list, but they are picky!

Normally that’s OK. I know exactly who to call when I put a property under contract in one of their preferred areas, and they move quickly. But that didn’t solve the problem of this house; the “Lincoln House”.

Well I have a tip for you; …read more