Modern technology has changed how all businesses operate and the real estate business is no different. New technology has changed how real estate is promoted and marketed. The Resort Real Estate segment is even more reliant on technology as we are a seasonal market and many [most] or our Buyers and Sellers are only here for a few weeks or a few months of the year.

We now live in a “on demand” world. Real estate consumers are very savvy and want to be able to evaluate specific properties before they decide whether or not to view them in person. They expect “real-time” data and they now have access to data that did not even exist 3 years ago such as:

Google Maps with Street View is an amazing application that allows a buyer to better analyze the location of the property using satellite imagery.  The Street View function has been installed for many cities in Mexico including Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

MLS websites have been upgraded to enhanced platforms which allow superior listing information which maximizes the on-line presence of listings. This includes multiple jumbo photos, full motion video, and real-time interaction directly with listing agents. Comparable and up-to-date market analysis data is integrated into these systems.  Our new FlexMLS system in Puerto Vallarta incorporates all of these upgrades.

Mobile technology has changed the way real estate agents, brokers and consumers receive real estate statistics, homes for sale and neighborhood data. Smart phones and now iPads allow immediate access to information in the field.  MLS systems are incorporated into mobile technology which gives agents immediate access to listing data anywhere.

GPS technology allows easy driving directions – Mexico is not currently at the same place as US and Canada with this technology, but upgrades and enhancements are currently being completed which will allow use of this technology to be improved here in Puerto Vallarta.

Social networking including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn, as well as Real Estate specific platforms, like Trulia and Zillow allow agents, brokers and consumers to link together to share information real-time.

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