Save Hundreds

I decided to try something new – and it saved me over $150 just this month.

I’m not the first to use this technique, and I definitely won’t be the last.

And the cool thing is – It will probably save me hundreds per month for the foreseeable future.

Curious of what it is?

Before I tell you, I want to ask you one question…

How much do you spend on maintenance, cleaning, lawn work, etc each month?

If you don’t spend very much, then this tip may not save you that much each month (yet) BUT I still believe this is an important tip to use anyways… and will make “scaling your business” much easier.

Alright, without further suspense…

The One Tip to Save You Hundreds

Last month I had a tenant move out without cleaning. The house was a disaster and needed at least 10 hours of work to get it looking better. My usual cleaner charges $30 an hour and I was about to give her a call when I decided to try a new strategy.

I proactively sought out a new cleaner on Craigslist.

It took less than a minute to log on to, navigate to the appropriate location, and place a simple 3 paragraph advertisement that simply said:

Title: Looking for Dependable House Cleaner

Text: Looking for a responsible, dependable person to clean an occasional house or apartment for local rental company. Must have own cleaning supplies and transportation. Requires travel to (town) (town) and (town.)

Current pay: $15 per hour.

Call (Phone Number) and leave a message.

Within a few days we received numerous calls, including two that sounded promising. We ended testing out both cleaners on different properties – and it was clear who won.

  • Cleaner #1 showed up 4 hours late, lied about it how many hours she worked, and had a bad attitude.
  • Cleaner #2 showed …read more