Meet A Park Manager

If you are planning to invest in mobile homes within parks then you had better be ready to build rapport with mobile home sellers, mobile home occupants, Realtors, dealers, other Investors, handyman, bird-dogs, and of course mobile home park managers. A park manager or community manager will be your proverbial “gate keeper” to investing in homes located within this community.

The goals of this article are to introduce you to one of my proven methods of introducing yourself to mobile home park managers and also to instill in you the confidence needed to place your best foot forward while doing so.

Let us discuss the latter first. The overwhelming mindset I would like for mobile homes investors to have is one of helping sellers, helping buyers, and helping park managers. We create income by creating a value. Within mobile home parks we have to understand the pecking order and that we are closer to the bottom, especially when first arriving to a park unknown by anyone.

Our goal once receiving the park manager’s “all clear” is to become approved at the park, purchase all properties that fit our investing-plan, and resell them or rent them to park approved buyers for a substantial profit. This is the basic outline however the theory goes much further.

The Mobile Home Park Manager

Mobile home park managers are people just like you. Some days we have good-days and other days not so much. A job of a park manager is often one of little thanks and gratitude. It is our duty as a long-term investor to help this park manager improve their community, fill empty lots, fill empty homes, increase revenue, and bring up the all around look and feel of the park as much as possible.

Our motives …read more