Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

My partner and I have been living in Chicago for more than a decade, and felt the need to escape the blustering winter months and find refuge in one of our favorite vacation destinations: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We always feel right at home every time we land in Vallarta.  This Pacific coastal city has managed to keep its charming colonial feeling amid the modern developments. It has the perfect balance of fabulous weather, culture, entertainments and world-class renowned restaurants. Combining that with the charming and friendly local people, makes the town a unique lifestyle on it’s own.

In 2001 my partner mentioned a wonderful little hotel in the heart of the romantic zone called Hotel Molino de Agua.  He had stayed at this place in the late 80’s and thought I would like it.  We packed our bags and headed to Hotel Molino de Agua with friends. We thought this was one of the most tranquil and peaceful places that we have ever vacationed.

Years later, after traveling extensively around the world, we wanted to return to the jungle enclave in the middle of the Zona Romantica. To my amazement, surprise and shock, my Google search revealed Residencies Molino de Agua, a brand new high-rise condominium development, instead of Hotel Molino de Agua. This is where we first came in contact with AMPI realtor Taniel Chemsian with the firm Timothy Real Estate Group. Taniel confirmed that indeed Hotel Molino de Agua was sold and in it’s place were the final stages of construction of the stunning condominium Residencias Molino de Agua . During our lengthy phone conversation with Taniel we found him to be knowledgeable, patient and informative, not only about the new building but also about the pulse of the bay. I was pleasantly surprised by what he had to say and found the details of his information encouraging.

A year or so passed before my partner and I decided to play with the idea of finding a home away from home. We called Taniel, who remembered us immediately and pointed us to the right direction to rent one of the units at Molino. After experiencing the magical sunsets from Molino, we knew that Vallarta was the place we wanted to be. This is where Taniel Chemsian and Timothy Real Estate Group came into play with our Real Estate ambitions in the following months.

Taniel sat down with us to determine what our needs were and the lifestyle we wished to experience with our P.V. property. After all the information was gathered and reviewed, he proceeded to take us on home tour until we found the property that fit our criteria.  At first it was a little overwhelming, but with time and Taniel’s guidance, everything started falling into place. He helped us find all the key people (Real Estate attorney, mortgage broker, notary, to name a few) to make this dream a reality.

After all the financials were aligned, we still did not have any specific property in mind. We had made several offers but were unsuccessful. Needless to say, we didn’t give up and had some other favorites that were strong contenders for our purchase.

Back in Chicago, we kept in contact with Taniel, who at all time, did not excerpt any pressure toward any particular property and continued to email us other possibilities. My partner returned to Vallarta few months later and looked around some more. Although Taniel showed us multiple properties, he was patient and helpful in answering all kind of questions regarding these properties, with no bias. His goal was for us to find the right property and home that we connected with. This was a big reflection to the type of person he is. And guess what? We found “The One.”

After an arduous process, we put an offer on one of the Molino units and it was accepted! The closing process was initiated. It was a fun learning experience, as things are done a little differently than what we are accustomed to. Taniel and his broker Carl Timothy were very helpful in taking us by the hand for the entire process, all the way until the end.

We have forged a strong friendship with Taniel and the Timothy Real Estate Team. We couldn’t of done this without them.


John Arthurs

Dr. Joseph Villalona


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