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In today’s lesson you will become more comfortable and confident identifying and evaluating used mobile homes simply by the home’s physical appearance. It is important for you to be able to know what you are looking at even while driving by the mobile home quickly.
Here are Some Things to Consider:

1. Width of the Home

Mobile homes are made in sections. Singlewide mobile homes are one complete section with a width less than 18 feet wide (typically 12 feet to 14 feet wide). Doublewide mobile homes are comprised of 2 singlewide sections and in general are wider than 20 feet.

A common rule is that the narrower the mobile home is the older it may be. In today’s modern world we are accustomed to large spacious areas and great rooms. A mobile home less than 12 feet wide can typically be more difficult to resell then a home 12 feet or wider.

1950s Typically singlewide sections are 8′-10′ wide

1960s Typically singlewide sections are 8′-12′ wide

1970s Typically singlewide sections are 10′-12′ wide

1980s to Present Typically singlewide sections are 12′-18′ wide

2. Pitch of the Roof

A not-so-commonly known trick is that a singlwide mobile home with a pitched roof was built during the year 1982 and newer. Flat or curved roofs (or very very slightly pitched roofs) are typically built pre 1982. This rule is only for Singlewide mobile homes, almost all doublewide mobile homes have pitched roofs.

Do not be fooled by a “Roof-Over” roof. These are entire metal roofs that lay on top (or cover over) a mobile home’s existing roof to protect it – whether pitched, curved, or flat.

Only singlewide mobile homes shown above. Doublewides almost always have pitched roofs.

3. Siding on the Home

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