News from Timothy Real Estate Group.  You may have seen surveyors along Highway 200 during December. The Highway is a Federal Highway, but the State and Municipality are responsible for the maintenance of it.  There are plans to repave the highway in concrete from Basillio Badillo to Boca de Tomatlan.   It will be widened where possible to allow for bus stops and turn lanes. Miradors are planned as tourist attractions. Sidewalks and lighting are also being planned. Presently, the lights on this road are all numbered to make it easy to report outages, but most of them are not functioning, making it super dangerous on the Highway as we try to avoid the potholes.   The State and City will share the cost of around 150,000,000 pesos. City administrators are exploring ways to come up with their share of the cost. One of the ideas being actively explored is to earmark property taxes for Highway 200.

The good news is that the Federal Government has plans to build a super highway bypassing downtown and Highway 200. The bad news is that there is a threat that it will be close to the highest parts of all of the colonias along the way, including Conchas Chinas.  Our City officials were not initially part of this plan and from what is known, it would negatively affect the total ambiance of Puerto Vallarta


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