Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Real-Estate-Market

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Real-Estate-Market









 Puerto Vallarta’s Real Estate Market for the First Six Months of 2012:  Although not representative of all the activity we have had in the bay, I think these numbers from our MLS system show what the trend has been for the first 6 months of this year compared to all of last year.  Notice the positive trends in Condo Sales, Land Sales, and House Sales in just the first 6 months of 2012;


Last Year Total Condo Sales  First 6 Months 2011 Condo Sales Last Year Average Sales Price

First 6 Months 2012 Average Sales Price





Last Year Total House Sales

First 6 Months 2011 House Sales

Last Year Average Sales Price

First 6 Months 2012 Average Sales Price





Last Year Total Land Sales

First 6 Months 2011 Land Sales

Last Year Average Sales Price

First 6 Months 2012 Average Sales Price





I have been a realtor in Puerto Vallarta for 13 years and it has been my experience that what happens up north, particularly with the west coast real estate markets, trickles down here with about a 6 to 8 month lag time.  If the market starts to go down in California it will start to go down in Puerto Vallarta about 6 months later.  If the market in California starts to go up we usually start to feel a stronger market in Puerto Vallarta about 6 months later.  Many real estate markets in the US have started to pick up and so have sales prices and the number of sales, which is all good news for property Sellers in Puerto Vallarta.  My Los Angeles broker friends are all reporting lots of multiple offers, especially in the higher end of the market.  This is not such good news for those who are looking to purchase, as the “Buyers Market” may not be around much more.

The bottom line is that Buyers need to act quickly to take advantage of this super opportunity in the market.  Sellers who are re-investing their funds in other real property purchases will need to re-invest right away to not loose out on this window of opportunity.  There is no crystal ball but I have a great feeling for the real estate market in 2013.  It is going to be better than 2012 which is proving to be better than 2011.  That is all positive movement and great news for real estate investors.

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