Puerto Vallarta’s  No# 1  –  “Get Skinny Outside Workout!”

Not for the faint at heart, watch out it’s affectionately known as The Bone Breaker!  Or en Espanol La Rompe Huesos!  Consult your Physician before attempting this work out, seriously!

The area is La Pechuga and it isn’t just a chicken breast?  It’s also a neighborhood perched above in the Lomas (hills) of Colonias El Centro and 5 de Diciembre.

The Bone Breaker is the road that begins from the Malecon and Calle Allende in El Centro and it travels up (east) and around the hills above these downtown neighborhoods.

la pechuga MAP

 There are some lucky local residents and tourists that have discovered this little jewel and have found it being quite an amazing and incredible challenge to ride their bikes, hike, run or walk this mountain and it is a great workout.

I have a friend that started walking her dangerously overweight dog around the mountain everyday and the dog and the friend look 15 pounds lighter and 15 years younger, great way to extend your life and get healthy and strong.

DSC_0019 copy 2 (1)

 I don’t know about you but haven’t you noticed a big change in Vallarta?  There are a lot more physically active Vallartenses and tourists that are not just interested in lying on the beach all day.  They are concerned about their well being and they have active lifestyles and they are also teaching their young children that this is a good thing.  Puerto Vallarta is full of nature and natural wonders it’s a sin to be in the gym! Get your booty out there and get into shape with the nature all around to keep you motivated and so ALIVE!!!

La Pechuga is also a great place to live!  There are incredible condos and homes with amazing views to the bay and town and only 5 minutes driving time or a 10-15 minute walk into town.

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Donna Lynn Davies


Timothy Real Estate Group