The Compound Effect

I read a terrific book recently called the Compound Effect written by Darren Hardy the editor of Success Magazine. I love his wisdom.

The premise of this book summed up in one short paragraph would be,

“Success is often built by taking small consistent steps over time. While these steps in the moment don’t feel significant, the results over time are massive.”

Most real estate investors that I know are constantly multi-tasking – we have more jobs than hours in the day. And it’s pretty common for these investors like most entrepreneurs to get side tracked by shiny objects. The other problem is that so many folks don’t actually write their goals down. They simply fail to plan for success.

So how can we change that? How can we become more consistent?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Darren Hardy often says that he isn’t the smartest person. But he says that given enough time he will beat anyone in just about anything, because he takes those small consistent steps needed EVERY day. You’ll notice he doesn’t say some days or most every day; he says every day.

The Compound Effect in Action

There are 5 parts to making these permanent changes for massive results over time.

  • Choices
  • Habits
  • Momentum or “Big Mo”
  • Influences
  • Acceleration


There are some things in life we have no choice over such as illness, but by and large we are completely responsible for the life we create. We all come into the world the same; naked, scared and ignorant. When it’s all said and done, the life we end up with is almost entirely an accumulation of the choices we make.

The first step is to become aware of our choices. Choosing well takes you down a much different path than not choosing at all.

Don’t live your life on …read more