Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate




Why did you choose PV?

Puerto Vallarta had the charming taste of an Small Mexican town and at the same time is combined with Cosmopolitan and High end life style. The basic point of PV is keeping his personality in Down Town area, the beauty of banderas bay, Mountains and his people. Getting away for a rush life style with trafic and pollution ,  the simplicity and comfort of  just being.


How long have you been here and do you see yourself retiring here?

I had been coming to Vallarta for relaxation  after and during my projects for almost 30 years now. And always promise to my self I will be living and working here . I see my self well know as a Real Estate Agent, that will create a nice and variety clients, and some day I will have an assistant to help with the Media Tools  and me, being with clients showing properties and getting nice  listing for people who want to sell. I will love to have a Home  with ocean front, to give my self some time for meditation and yoga.


What is your favorite thing about PV?

I love this Town because is  right in front of this magnificent Banderas Bay, how exotic can be from 20 minutes driving and that you can go to wild places

In a Boat such as Yelapa, or Mahauitas. Nature is the most incredible thing we have in Puerto Vallarta


How did you get started in Real Estate in PV?

For 20 years I used to  build dream on design and architecture for clients. Selling to them the complete project. From A to Z, then I choose the best and

Great atmosphere Real Estate Agency. And I had the Opportunity to work with Timothy Real Estate Group, and I  feel my self well with  this well know firm. That now is became my family


What made you select Timothy Real Estate as your office of choice to work for?

I like his style. Name. proyection, and most of all, my broker, the owner of this great company, Carl Timothy


What services do you feel you and your office provide that are above and beyond your competition?

We treat clients as friends and take them to a higher personalized level. To ear them  about what their dream are , and after that, using all the incredible

Technology tools  we have, such as FLEX. MLS, IDX etc,  to find the perfect property for them. Or sell their property as well.


What challenges are you currently facing with our PV real estate market and what are you doing to overcome some of these challenges?

I see that foreigners who are coming to Vallarta searching for a possible place for retirement, are looking for a safe place that will have all the services

They will request, and is not far from their home town in the US. There are big opportunities here as an agent on real estate. And doing the best you can do

With integrity and honesty and professionalism will give the client the necessary confident to chose you to work with them


What advice would you have for current buyers in the PV market?

I will advise them, before they chose with which agency they will work, to make sure they belong to AMPI. Because they have ethic codes that rule

All their transactions and services to clients national or international. They don’t need to be afraid to buy real estate in PVR. Just check your Agents or broker

Before any further action


What advice would you have for current sellers in the PV market?

I only will let them know, that they have to have all the  complete documents requested for listing their properties with a Broker. And also they have to be

Open for us, the professional, to let them know the reality about the real price of what they are trying to buy or sell, throw a CMA.


What projections do you see for the PV market over the next year?

The PV real Estate market will go higher on prices reasonably , the new President election are coming, and there are a lot of expectation for who will

Be leading Mexico for the next 6 years. We hope the same party PAN, who had been doing an excelent work, will continue with their plans for growing

,services and education as well as making strong our economy


Tell me about your recent projects and an update of if they are successful and if so why?

I recently had had the opportunity to assist a very nice couple from texas, and they had been coming to PV for the last 4 or 5 years trying to find a great

Property to buy for their retirement, I just put a lot of attention on what they want to buy, and after that, I just search on the criteria and price they

Told me. And after that. All was easy and go so nice and smooth, seeing my clients so happy and excited make feel the same way.


What is the best way to contact you if someone has real estate inquiries for you?

Throw my e mail. I am always available and checking it all the time  javier@timothyrealestategroup.com

My celular is a second good option if the client has such a short time to get to know me and talk about their wishes and me to find them.

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