Linda Kennedy Timothy Real Estate Group

Linda Kennedy Timothy Real Estate Group

Why did you choose PV?

I chose Puerto Vallarta because I had been coming here since 1977 and always loved it here.  I was living in San Jose del Cabo and was ready for a change, so I came over for vacation with my Mom and sister.  We are huge San Diego Charger fans and we were in a sports bar and after many adult beverages and winning the game, I met my future husband.

 How long have you been here and do you see yourself retiring here?

  I have lived here for 15 years and absolutely dee myself retiring here.

 What is your favorite thing about PV?

 I do not have ONE favorite thing about PV, but I love the people, the cleanliness, great restaurants and easy  accessibility of our city.

How did you get started in Real Estate in PV?

 I met Carl at a luncheon and I was later hired by him as his first employee.

 What made you select Timothy Real Estate as your office of choice to work for?

 I would not want to work anywhere else.

What services do you feel you and your office provide that are above and beyond your competition?

 I think our level of knowledge of the real estate industry both here and abroad and the diverseness of our team makes us special.

 What challenges are you currently facing with our PV real estate market and what are you doing to overcome some of these challenges?

 Business has been slower the last couple of years and social networking could not have come at a better time.  This has absolutely improved our business.  Also staying in touch with past clients who may not have purchased in the past, but still are showing some interest.

 What advice would you have for current buyers in the PV market?

 Patience and realistic pricing are huge keys.  It only takes one person…

 What projections do you see for the PV market over the next year?

 I am happy to see improvement in our market as we speak and it is only going to get better.

 What is the best way to contact you if someone has real estate inquiries for you?

  I can be found on Facebook and of course on our website.


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