I stepped onto the 6th floor of the Denver high-rise. It was my first day of my first real job fresh out of college. I sat down in my cool cubicle on my swively chair, dressed to the nines and ready to start my career. I had arrived… As the weeks rolled by it dawned on me that my goal through these years would be to work hard enough to get into the small office located directly behind me. The four walls and the window.
The extra 2 weeks vacation and another zero on my paycheck. There’s actually nothing wrong with this goal, if you enjoy your job and don’t mind the 9 to 5. But I wasn’t passionate about my work, and I wanted to have more control over my life. That day I became an entrepreneur… and the dream was born…

It would take more than ten years to bring me to where I am today. Some of that time was absolutely necessary and brought invaluable insight, experience, education and maturity. I was also learning to combat the voices in my head that said, “you have to work like everyone else, because there’s no other responsible way to earn a living” and “if you don’t want to work like everyone else it’s because you’re lazy and ungrateful”. Along the way, I met my equally entrepreneurial husband, Aaron, who also happens to be really wonderful.

Your Birth Story

So are those same rude voices holding you back? Here’s some things that have been really helpful to keep us going along the way.

1.) Address your Fears

Most of us have some amount of fear about this business: losing money, leaving a “stable” job and steady income, entering a career viewed by others as risky, etc. It is vitally important to address …read more