Quit Making New Year's Resolutions

Sit back and watch the show. That is what I do every year about this time.

You see, while successful people are just going about their daily routine, a bunch of other people come out of the woodwork and create these “New Year’s resolutions”. Then for the next few weeks or months they are gung-ho, 100% focused on achieving these resolutions. At some point they fizzle out, give up, stop and go back to how things were the previous year. But don’t worry, there will be a new year next year and they can repeat the process.

Does this sound like you? Someone you know? Did you feel offended while reading that previous paragraph? If so, maybe it is time for you to STOP making New Year’s resolutions and start being successful.

The Problems With New Year’s Resolutions

They Get Made on a Whim

When people make resolutions for the new year, they typically make them close to the new year and it is based on whatever they are thinking at that time. After people fatten up on holiday meals, or look at their bank account/credit card statement, it is no wonder that some of the most popular resolutions revolve around losing weight or making/saving more money. These resolutions are not tied to long and short term goals.

They Are Not Part of the Larger Context

Speaking or goals, it is important to derive our actions from our goals so that the actions will drive us towards achieving our goals. When resolutions are made without looking at the larger goals, they may not align and therefore not work towards achieving the bigger goals.

They Are Often Vague

As mentioned, top resolutions are often “lose ..