Puerto Vallarta Real EstateConsumers are in sync about what is good service.

As members of AMPI (The Mexican Association f Real Estate Professionals) we have the opportunity to also be members on NAR or the National Association of Realtors.  According to a report from the Consumer Federation of America we are tops among consumers. More than two-thirds of surveyed consumers think of real estate brokers and sales agents favorably. The figure is 73 percent among consumers who’ve recently used a professional real estate service, and it leaps to 84 percent among those asked specifically about the professional that they worked with.

Consumer recognition of our value is also reflected in the statistics NAR collects annually. Year after year, the majority of consumers choose to work with a professional. Indeed, the For Sale By Owner share of home sales has been hovering around 15 percent for years. This isn’t surprising considering FSBO homes generally sell for less than those brokered by professional agents.

A consumer satisfaction survey NAR’s been conducting for the past year shows results similar to those of the CFA survey: In a zero-to-10 index, with 10 being the highest, the average score was 9.3.

These findings show that agents and consumers are in sync about what is good service. Consumers have for decades had fee-for-service and other alternatives available to them, and they’ve always had the option to sell their home on their own.

But what the CFA and NAR’s own findings show is that consumers want hassle-free, professional representation.

Let a professional Timothy Real Estate Group agent guide you through the purchasing or selling of your home.  Maximize on your gain and savings by letting Timothy Real Estate Group show you what inspired living is all about.

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