I’ve written some articles like these before where I want everyone reading to give their input. This time I want to hear about the biggest hurdle you have ever hit as a real estate investor. What was it and how did you overcome it?

I’ll tell you mine. Mine didn’t show up until the end of my first couple of years rocking it out as a brand new investor. The first couple years happened so fast and smoothly for me, looking back it’s almost shocking. I didn’t even mean to get into real estate or buying properties at all, but it kind of fell in my lap and the momentum just kept going. The momentum kept going so strong that I was able to start my real estate referral company. All of that success led to the biggest hurdle of my real estate investing career- financing.

My Biggest Hurdle

Life was so much easier when I qualified for a mortgage. Even qualifying for the mortgage didn’t solve everything as I had to use combinations of loans, credit cards, and investor partners to fund the down payments, but man it still made everything more doable! How did I overcome this hurdle? I haven’t yet! I’ll certainly let you know though if I figure that one out.

In the meantime, what was the one biggest investing hurdle to date that you have experienced? How did you overcome it? (I’m secretly going to be waiting for someone to say it was their own mind!)


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