The world around us is chaotic and destructive.

Today’s post is a follow up from last week – if you haven’t read that article, you can read it here.

This is a good thing.

When nature gets beaten up, it doesn’t wither and die. It doesn’t tuck it’s tail. No, it comes back stronger.

Animals die, species die, but the whole endures and becomes resistant to the events of the past. Human progress is the same beast. Ideas, methods, and people get dislodged destroyed to make way for the new, but always as a march towards improving our lot in life. It’s this ability to get whooped and come back stronger that Nassim Nicholas Taleb coins Antifragility and explores in his book “Antifragility: Things that Gain from Disorder.

Consistent stress is natural and healthy. The trouble is humans can’t handle the pressure. We’re terrified of the uncertainty…as we should be. It’s all well and good to tell a group of antelopes they’ll be stronger in the long run if the lion eats a few of them, but that doesn’t make the feline’s dinner feel any better.

Fear drives us to idiocy. Whenever we can we attempt to mask the natural ups and down to make us feel safe. This doesn’t work. The chaos is still there, building sufficient pressure to burst through our safety measures. All our efforts to create a false sense of security end up making the inevitable chaos far more debilitating than it otherwise would have been.

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