Here it comes, Semana Santa 2015. Easter Sunday is April 5 and the week before is Holy Week (Semana Santa) and the week afterward is called Semana de Pascuas (Easter Week). The biggest national holiday in Mexico.

The Secretary of Tourism reports that Puerto Vallarta hotels are already booked to a 85% occupancy and are expecting 100% occupancy for the holiday which begins on March 29 with Palm Sunday and continues through April 5 with Easter Sunday. Private condo and villa rental rentals are doing very well also and owners will receive holiday rates for both weeks.

National tourists make up the majority of vacationers in Puerto Vallarta for Easter Week. Tens of thousands of tourists from Guadalajara descend on Puerto Vallarta each year.

Semana Santa is the country’s biggest holiday behind Christmas week. Mexico is 92% Catholic making Holy Week an important event to many and a time for celebration and a break from work.

So, enjoy the beaches, the music, the food, the crowds and remember…….after it is over our little beach town will return to normal.

Russell Faulkner – Timothy Real Estate Group