Carl Timothy of Timothy Real Estate Group

Carl Timothy of Timothy Real Estate Group

After we wrapped the recent filming of House Hunters International here in Puerto Vallarta, I sat back and reflected on how far Timothy Real Estate Group has come in such a short time and in such a changing market.   I can only say that after reviewing our accomplishments and path we have travelled over this last year, I feel grateful and proud, of all that we have accomplished in such a short time.  I also realized that success is not an accident and is born from hard work (I know firsthand now).  Starting a business is hard under the best of circumstances and I wanted to share our story in x chapters in the hopes that it might inspire others who are starting out or thinking about it.

The response from our clients and the marketplace has been overwhelming.  In less than a year we were already recognized and a leader in the industry and all of my fears about whether our clients would follow us and whether the brand would be accepted were calmed right from the start.  Focusing on us and our niche in the market worked.  Defining ourselves without copying anyone in the crowd did engage the market.  Right away we had the faith and trust of the market and the clients not only followed us, they seemed to like the fresh positive change.  We were able to produce results for our clients in one of the most difficult economies since the great depression and were able to work hand in hand with our peers in moving the local board of realtors to a new level launching a new MLS system for the boards, and generating a communication between realtors that had not been experienced in the bay area before.

Of the upmost importance for us has been a focus on delivering the best-dedicated service, and delivering on our promises.  I could see that the marketing world was changing and that the internet, particularly social media was making the world re-think attracting customers.  At first I was very skeptical about social media sites but as I jumped into it I started to really enjoy the process.  I quickly could see that doing it right is a full time job and I needed a team that could assist me with keeping our clients informed and helping us find clients through these outlets.  For Timothy Real Estate Group it means showing the public who we are on both a personal level and a professional level. 

Once I had the company up and running on social media it was important that the Timothy team of agents and administrative staff get on board as well to help our reach.  Some were already involved and some had never used a computer for more then the MLS and emails.  With lots of laughs and many workshops everyone jumped onboard and they started to see the effects.  I believe some day things that people are interested in will come to them automatically rather than people having to search online or in the phone book.  This is just the beginning for social media’s impact on the world.

Another interesting benefit of social media is the ability to stay on top of what is going on in other markets, other areas, and what is going on around the world in general.  It’s a side benefit that is wonderful.  Besides making an effort to stay on top of world events and economies that have an effect on our business through regular media channels, social media lets you stay on top of current events without much effort.  There is nothing like feeling connected to the entire world when it comes to business for a more universal snapshot of how your own company may be affected for planning and client service.

Timothy Real Estate Group – An innovative company setting new standards in property sales and services has combined the most thoroughly professional and experienced talents to keep clients informed about the intricacies of Mexican real estate ownership, local real estate markets, local codes and regulations, financing, rentals and perhaps most importantly, sound analysis for every aspect of real property ownership. With combined real property services experience of more than 35 years’ worth of real estate sales, accounting, management, and property services, Timothy Real Estate Group is unequaled in its professionalism and experience with foreign investors. Ask about our Real Estate Listings