Piece Of The Pie

How many of you have wanted to get into bigger projects, or new development, but are not sure how to go about doing it? Are you in an area where the housing market is tightening, and opportunities to invest are disappearing?

We live in Orange County, CA, where unemployment is some of the lowest in the nation, there’s a broad based economy, high income wage earners, and the area boasts some of the safest cities in America. The quality of life check list can all be met here. All the components that draw people (investors) to an area, are the same things that push up real estate demand and pricing. O.C. is not alone in this dilemma, many other regions are similar.

Though the bargain “deals” are gone, there’s still opportunity. Prices may be rising but, in all probability they will never again be lower than they are right now, therefore, looking at new niches may help.

Once the market for distressed properties has evaporated, and demand is rising, that’s the time we as developers begin starting new construction. When looking for new development opportunities, we look for land in areas of strong demand, well established values, and opportunities for future growth and appreciation.

Though not everyone has the money, or the experience to develop their own projects, there are ways for investors to get a piece of the new construction and development pie.

Many investors have more money than opportunities to invest and; developers often have more deals than money. Connecting the two can be a huge benefit to all. Money is one of the most talked about subjects on the forums on BiggerPockets. How to find it, and for those that have it, how to invest it to create more wealth. …read more