House Flipping

As I’ve probably mentioned here on this blog, we are now doing a local MeetUp for real estate investors, tradespeople, Realtors and anyone who is interested in house flipping and buy-and-hold real estate investing.

Our rationale for starting our local MeetUp wasn’t to shill educational products – although we have had multiple requests from attendees to do some sort of paid educational event – it was not our primary aim.

The primary goal was as follows: although we thought that although the REIAs investors and people together to network, share and learn, we felt it wasn’t enough.

As many people probably know read here on Bigger Pockets, I run a house flipping business as my primary business. We also have an educational side to our business to help new investors get into this business. We set that side up only after my business is really started to take off in the right direction.

But one of the most frustrating things for me when I first got into the “education” business (so to speak) was the fact that so few people took action on the things that we espoused both on posts here on this awesome platform as well as on our own site.

Although not every single piece of content I’ve ever written is Pulitzer prize-winning material, the basic message is the same over and over again:

Overcome your fears and take action

Fortunately, my real estate investing and house flipping business is going extremely well right now and I’m very fortunate thankful (especially at this time of year) for all the good fortune I’ve had building my team and making money doing something I truly love.

But more importantly is the feeling I get when doing what I do instead …read more