Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing – nearly every real estate investor has used it, and every non-investor has come across some in his mailbox. It’s a dead art, right? It’s outdated, cliché, tacky, and definitely not efficient – or so says most of the real estate professionals in the business. Are they right?

The truth is, direct mail marketing is definitely not as “sexy” as some other tactics, but it’s definitely not dead. There might be better ways to get your message out, but if you’re not at least considering using a direct mail marketing approach for your wholesaling businesses, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales. Here’s why:

Direct Mail Pros

Cost – Cost is a huge advantage for direct mail marketing. For around $500-$1,000 upfront, you can print a stack of mailing materials and start shipping. For some, that may seem like an inordinate amount of money, considering the start up costs of a website can be as little as $20. But consider this: Just one strong lead can pay for the cost of your direct mail marketing supplies tenfold. (And just one strong lead is very unlikely. One lead out of a thousand is a .1% response rate. You’re more likely to get at least four or five strong leads, from a conservative estimate.) You do have to spend money, but you get one hell of a return.

Familiarity – For older clients, it’s important to have something tangible in their hands. Many baby boomers and older generations check their mail daily. Some don’t check the Internet often and a small percentage don’t even have access to e-mail. For these reasons, direct mail is crucial for reaching an older population. Everyone still checks their mail daily, but older generations in particular depend on it unlike anyone else. Go where your (potential) …read more