This past Friday afternoon, with eight house flip deals all going at once, I just didn’t have time to volunteer at The Bourne Scallop*** Festival.

With everything going on and it being a Friday, it was the last thing in the world I really wanted to do.

But there it was, across the street from my offices in Bourne Massachusetts was one of the largest events on Cape Cod each year – sponsored and backed by my local Cape Cod Canal Regional Chamber of Commerce.

***For those of you who are not from Massachusetts “scallop” is pronounced “SKAAAH – LOPP” not “SKAY – lupp” by the way

The Chamber had asked me to volunteer and I accepted – and although I had no time to do it – I went with my partner Ralph anyway. We took out the trash, cut lemons, cleaned up the food service area and generally did anything we were ordered to do.

I can’t say either one of us really enjoyed doing it…but both of us had made a promise and we were going to stick to it.

Could I have called and told them I couldn’t make it? Could I have just not shown up and blown off the whole thing?

Don’t get me wrong, all those thoughts DID occur to me…and I was tempted to back out and just do my own stuff. And as I was thinking this, I also realized that I had a prescheduled “date night” with the lovely and talented Christina LaCava that night that I couldn’t possibly cancel. So it made the Scallop Festival thing even more of a pain because I couldn’t catch up on my work after my shift was over…

So I sucked it up and did it.

And although my real estate investing business was put on hold for most of Friday, …read more