For those of you who listen to the BiggerPockets Podcast, you’ve heard me ask it dozens of time before:

“What do you think sets apart the successful investors from those who never really gain traction?”

This is my favorite question to ask guests, which is why it’s asked each week as part of the “Famous Four!” (Admit it… you just sang that in your high-pitched voice!) I believe one of the best ways to learn how to succeed is by listening to others who have done it give their answer as to what it takes, hence the question.

So being the co-host, no one ever asks me so I figured I would just share my opinion here, now. I don’t claim to have “made it” or found incredible success yet, but I also believe success is not a destination but a journey. (Tweet This!) (I think Zig Ziglar said that.)

Or another way to phrase it:

Success isn’t a peak that, once reached, awards you an ugly trophy with your name embossed in gold.(Or Tweet That!) (I think I said that. Not quite as poetic.)

Now we could really get into a long conversation about what defines success, and in what capacity, but I want to keep this post a bit shorter than my usual (you’re welcome!)

So for the sake of this post, I’ll define success as living the life you want to live. Whether that’s success in marriage, success in bowling, success in shopping, or success in real estate investing, I think it’s all about the connection between your vision for your life and your present state. Don’t think too hard about that – I’m not a poet. I’m just referring to being happy and content. To me, that is success.

Now, back to success in real estate. …read more